Jonathan Ruffin
Professional staff that is second to none
Jonathan Ruffin, the 2000 Lou Groza Award winner with the Cincinnati Bearcats, leads's veteran staff of instructors to train with college football's best kickers at the July 19-20 College Kickers Only Kicking Camp in Atlanta. The renowned staff, headed by NFL 75th Anniversary Team member and Hall of Famer Ray Guy and Academy Director Rick Sang, will coordinate the camp.

Graham Gano on Jonathan Ruffin's instruction "He helped me out a ton. Early on in my career when I was in college I was having trouble kicking. He was able to help me out and tell me what I was doing wrong. Within a short period of time he had sorted the problem out."


What makes kicking camps the right choice?

  • Expert instruction and training from professional coaches with field goals, extra points and kickoffs.
  • Develop step-by-step practice "blueprint" of fundamentals and drills that translates to peak performance.
  • Learn drills simulating game situations that will instantly produce consistency and confidence.
  • Experience video slow-motion analysis for immediate application using innovative computer software.
  • Learn flexibility drills that must be done for specific development of kicking skills.
  • Learn the secrets to developing strength, then transfer it to power and apply it to the kicking motion.
  • Learn in-season training strategies to enhance strength, maintain power and develop endurance.
  • Achieve optimal "get-off" times and game-ready tempo through "snap-to-kick" training.
  • Develop "quick-lift" skills for optimal ball-flight trajectory when kicking extra points and field goals.
  • Learn proven alignment, approach and follow-through that will develop precision kicking accuracy.
  • Learn how to survive and thrive in adverse weather conditions.
  • Develop mental skills and strategies that will prepare each kicker for clutch performances.
  • Increase leg acceleration through advanced drills and techniques that will produce explosive kickoffs.
  • Learn innovative on-sides and special situation kicks to gain field position advantages.
  • Learn the keys to developing highly successful practice and pre-game warm-up routines.
  • Practice and compete with other talented athletes who share common goals.
  • Learn from football's best kickers and coaches who have performed at the highest levels of the game.